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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jarrett Blackmon who was born in California on March 24, 2006 and passed away on July 26, 2006 . We will remember him forever. 

Jarrett was the last of 6 children.  He was special to everyone in his family.  He died of sids.  Jarrett was a healthy baby and a very happy one.  He loved taking baths and he loved being talked to.  Just before he passed he turned over.  On his last night with me (mom)  he was trying to talk.....forming his lips to try and say word...although just sounds were coming out.  I know Jarrett was trying to say something.  Oh....Jarrett the things you must be saying up in heaven.  OH baby....... you were a talker for just a little guy.  Jarrett was the smallest of the 6 children....only weighing in at 6 pounds.  He loved being around people....loved being held....he had blonde hair that was turning into red hair with blue eyes.....such a handsome boy!  Jarrett had the longest feet, I used to tease him and say he is going to be very tall. 


baby, there is not a day that does by that I do not think of you.  I miss you and I have never denied you anything, including my time.  I carried you and brought you into the world and saw you out.  That was the hardest day, I went with my sister and my best friend Delores to dress you.  I need to make sure your mom was there.  I had to make sure you felt me near.  Your father could not make it, it was to upsetting for him to be there, for you and for me.  But never you mind, we both know he loves you.   Looking back when you where here and I was upset that I had to stay home with you while dad was out at his friends house, now I am greatful for that time.  I had much more time with you ....and if I had known you would not be here long, I would not have even gone back to work.  I would not care about the bills, or anything.  Just time with you.  I am thankful for the time I spent with you, even while dressing you.  I have loved you since the day I found out I was carrying you.  I remember the way you felt inside of me.  I rememeber thinking you were going to be tall, because you would move around so much.  I just miss you so much I would give anything to hold you again 

Love and Kisses 



I wanted to give you an update.  Baby I miss you so much there is a pain in my heart whenever I look at your pictures.  It never goes away.  As a mother who has lost a child, no the pain never will go away.  Jarrett, I am learning to live with it.  It is hard.  I compare everything to the loss of you.  I do not care about much, now...only being kind to those who are still here.  I used to care about living, now when people talk about dieing I actually welcome it.  I would get to see and hold you again.  I am trying to live for that day when we are together again.  I read something from another sids mom, that I thought was so nice.  It read ...I would dream of the day that I would sit you my child on my lap and tell you about God, now I pray that you sit on god's lap and he tells you about me.  I pray that he tells you how much I wanted you, I pray he tells you that I think of you everyday.  I pray that he tells you of the tears that come to my eyes at the mention of your name.  I pray that he tells you when I see other babies I am actually very jealous! I pray that he tells you that I want no other baby, I just want you.  I want to be with you, I want to raise you, see how you turn out...and stand back to say WOW...what a wonderful job I did with one of gods blessings. But I can not have those things, instead I can just stand back and wait and watch what god has in store for me and your brothers and sisters.  I know that he will take care of me and them.  I pray for you father, I love him but I want to live by the word of god.  I need him to be strong for the family.  I need him to understand that I lost someone I carried.   So I continue to pray for him.  I think about what you would be doing right now, and how busy I would be if you were.  You brother Darrius is so young he thinks all of your pictures of him.  As he grows I will tell him about the angel god let me hold for a while.  I will tell of the wonderful things that I was so blessed to do with you, the bath time and all of the times  we had alone together at night with you on my pillow.  I will tell him of the love you had to give.  I will tell him of all the lives you touched,....baby the church was packed with people just wanting to see the angel that god lent to us for awhile. If I died tonight it would be with a smile knowing I was going to see you.  I need you.  MOMMY IS MISSING YOU!  GOD IT HURTS.  There is no pain like this. Not divorce not anything.  This is so final...and sids...what do we do about sids????? why does it happen?? Like a theif in the night poof you are gone! No warning!  No nothing!  That is the part that hurts...how why?? These are things I can not get answered till I am with you and god.. I want these answered and I need these questions answered.  Well I love you always and you are in thoughts always.  MOM


Just a quick note about you.  I wanted you to know how special you are to me and your dad.  We both love you so much.  I wish peace for both of us.  I love you so much.  I know we are coming up on a year since your passing.  I wish I could hold you and give you hugs and kisses.  Your sister misses you so much as well both of them.  I know you are having such a ball up in heaven learning so much and doing so much.  You must be laughing at how silly your mom is walking in the hot sun selling water.  Sweating to death.  Baby you are on mind every minute of everyday... there is not a day that goes by that i do not think of you.  You are my joy as are your brothers and sisters.  I am praying for you and for your father as well.  Jarrett wisper in gods ear for him, he needs guidance.  He needs to hear that we all need peace and he needs to find happiness.  I want us all to be happy.  I love all of my children!  Just wish I could hold you tonight.  Love mom


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